Waxing is the safest way to remove body hair compared to other body hair removal services ( eg. laser, shaving, hair removal cream)

As it is known to all, skin becomes dry after laser treatment while shaving knives can harbor bacteria and causes infections to the skin.

Hair grows much slower after waxing than after shaving since waxing eradicates the roots. New hair tends to be finer and slender than after shaving because the hair is erased from bottom to top. Therefore, it is less itchy and painful when hair grows back different from shaving.

Routine epilation can alter the growth of body hair as it can slow down the growth speed, shrink the size of the follicle and hair strands.

The advantage of Brazilian Waxing

Places that are humid and hot can attribute to damp and odor on hairy parts. It also causes vaginitis and eczema, which can cause pain and color changes on skin.

Clothes nowadays tend to be tightly wrapped around the body, therefore it is  hard to maintain sufficient ventilation for the body. In terms of beauty, modern folks view Brazilian waxing as etiquette. It is especially a necessity for ladies to perform it before periods and holidays due to the unpleasant sensation during periods and hygiene factors.


Please use warm water to clean up slightly

Please avoid strenuous exercise, swimming, Sauna and heavy make-up

In order to prevent corneous from blocking the pore, please put on moisturizer and clean corneous routinely

It is possible to experience certain skin conditions like rash or pimples. It might be caused by the stimulation or hidden skin condition is evoked and surfaced due to waxing. Such conditions are natural reaction to stimulations and it will be normal again after several days.

After waxing the pores will open up which can cause irritation on the skin if the bacteria infiltrate them. Therefore, avoid sweating excessively, shock, make-up, soap, sauna, swimming, intercourse and scratch the parts after waxing with your hands.

Korean Professional Beauty ArtistBroadcasting and Entertainment Department, Induk University

Compeleted Mei Christian Chauveau Makeup Academy Course

Acquired Semi-permanent tatoo, Eyelash Extensions Diploma

Waxing certificate

Face Waxing
Hair Line 300
Forehead 200
Eyebrow 200
Cheer 200
Philtrum 100
Chin 200
Side burns 200
Neckline 300
Full face [except Neckline] 1000
Mens Face Waxing Extra $200/part, without ”Forehead” ”Eyebrow”

*Hair Line+Forehead 10%off

*Forehead+Eye brow 5%off


Body Waxing
Armpit 200
Arm (Half)  300
Arm (Full)  500
Leg (Half)  400
Leg (Full)  700
Hand / Foot  100
Stomach / back 500
Chest / back  500
Bikini Line 500
(Beginner / Intwemediate / Advanced)
Mens body Waxing Extra $200/part, without ”Hand / Foot”